Harrison Newman

Harrison Newman

New York, NY • (310) 595-6288 • [email protected]


New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY

May 2025

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interactive Media Arts, Minor, German

Relevant Coursework: Interactive Design and User Experience, Human-Computer Interaction, Game Design and Development, Physical Computing, Data Visualization, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Technical Skills

Coding Languages: C#, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C/C++, React

Adobe Software: InDesign, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Other Skills/Tools: German(B2/C1), Unity, Figma, Fusion 360, Blender, Meta Spark, Audacity, Arduino


Hell on Earth (C#, Unity, Blender, Audacity)

Fall 2022

  • Conceptualized and developed a comprehensive 3D storyline-based game using Unity and C#.
  • Utilized Blender for 3D modeling and animation, creating diverse and visually compelling in-game assets.
  • Designed immersive gameplay mechanics, intricate level design, and engaging narrative elements.

Truth or Dare (Premiere Pro, C#, Unity)

Spring 2023

  • Created an interactive truth or dare short film, where users’ decisions would affect the outcome of the story.
  • Coded a custom application in Unity using C#, enhancing the engagement of the users’ interactions.
  • Exhibited strong production planning skills, designing and shooting 8 unique endings to the original story.

Warehouse Inventory Program (Java)

Spring 2023

  • Worked with a team to develop a warehouse management application for managers and customers.
  • Created a login system, implementing a database system for users to store their usernames and passwords.
  • Developed a system for managers to be able to keep track of sales of items to customers.

Dynamic Motion-Responsive Attire (Arduino)

Fall 2023

  • Conceptualized and crafted an interactive costume featuring responsive lighting utilizing 96 LEDs.
  • Implemented and adapted code to utilize sensors within the Arduino, synchronizing LEDs to sensor inputs.
  • Coordinated project timelines and milestones, ensuring timely completion of a functional wearable.

Other Experience

Crew Member (Cashier): Chipotle, Malibu, CA

May 2023 - August 2023

  • Adapted quickly to changes in procedures and supported team members in various roles.
  • Maintained high levels of speed and efficiency by accurately processing transactions at the cash register.

Barista: Starbucks, Santa Monica, CA

May 2022 - August 2022

  • Worked in a fast-paced Starbucks with a customer service mindset to deliver a quality experience.
  • Collaborated with a team to produce large volumes of orders quickly and efficiently in a timely fashion.
  • Maintained a friendly and helpful demeanor to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Exhibited adaptability by quickly learning new procedures, technologies, and product offerings.


Global Competence Certificate, AFS Intercultural Programs

July, 2020

  • Gained a comprehensive understanding of global perspectives, cultural nuances, and effective communication strategies through a rigorous curriculum focused on fostering cross-cultural competence.
  • Enhanced interpersonal and communication skills by engaging in diverse cultural exchanges, collaborating with individuals from varied backgrounds, and navigating cross-cultural challenges with adaptability and sensitivity.
  • Acquired a heightened awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles, recognizing their significance in fostering collaborative and inclusive environments, vital in today's multicultural tech workplaces.