Every female cat lover loves expressing the love and affection she feels for her precious fur baby with beautiful adornments kept close to her heart...

..It is with these adornments that she resolutely goes about her day completing her daily tasks. Her hands busy, her mind racing, selflessly she persists until momentarily she is interrupted. A casual glance downwards reveals a pair of cute "cat ears" protruding from her shiny new cat ring. It brings a glowing smile to her face. She's instantly taken back to a special memory of her cute fur-baby now curled up at home. It is those moments she cherishes, it's those moments that warm her.

Welcome to our cat boutique Purrfect Beauties!

From one passionate cat lover to another, we know the thrill and excitement that goes along with finding that special item that reminds us of what we hold close to our hearts. We wear our treasures proud and never make excuses for the love we feel for our beloved fur-babies. It is with that love that we set forward to create a boutique where beautiful, trendy cat lovers can find the latest and greatest cat-themed jewelry, fashionable apparel and stylish accessories.

Purrfect Beauty is at its core about bringing other cat lovers like you exciting, high-quality symbols of Love and Reminder (to keep your cat close to your heart). We sincerely thank you for visiting and hope you will always make Purrfect Beauty your new home for all things cat related. May your new finds here make your heart purr with delight!

Kat & The Purrfect Beauty Team

"Where Cat Lovers Accessorize!"

Kat & Priscilla Snap

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