Basic Make Up Tips

Basic Makeup Tips

I believe that there’s beauty in everything that surrounds us. Everyone possesses their own beauty that is unique to others. However, these days we are prone to accept ‘beauty’ as only what the current trend tells us. People say that “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” and I think that the beholder should be none other than ourselves. So no matter what – we are all beautiful!

Makeup on the other hand is meant not to alter a person’s look but rather enhancing our features. It also gives us the advantage to hide certain imperfections we that have. This is what I love about makeup. Once we understand some makeup tricks and techniques, applying it becomes much easier.

Although acquiring the perfect skin will take using special skincare product and health regime, creating the perfect or flawless skin look is achievable by applying makeup.

Flawless Feel

Some of the common imperfections that many people would like to hide are pigmentation, age spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone and dark circles underneath the eyes. These imperfections can be hide by using the right color tone concealer.

Foundation is applied afterwards to provide a smooth and flawless look. In order to ensure your skin looks naturally flawless, the right shade of foundation is required. Do a simple test by applying a streak of the foundation on your jawline, if it blends well into your skin then your good to go. After applying the foundation on the entire face, you should apply some powder on top to settle the foundation. The powder also helps control excess oil.

Contour and highlights

Once we understand the basic of how to apply foundation, we can then use some simple tricks to add ‘shadows’ to further enhance or minimize some features on our face. In simple terms, adding darker shadow will make the area appear mode recede, where as highlighting will actually lift up the area. Contouring and and highlighting products are available at most makeup counters-it can be in the form of liquid or powder.

To further understand how this works, let’s take the nose for example. In order to make the nose appear narrower, we can apply a darker line of shadow on the sides of the nose bridge. After that, apply a thin straight line using a lighter shade on the center of the nose. The result is that it gives the nose a narrower and sharper look, at the same time lifting the bridge of the nose.

What is the best way to apply Super Matte Antishine?

Make sure the skin is clean and dry then gently pat a very small amount of Super matte Antishine onto the shiny skin area. Repeat applications can be made at intervals throughout the day if required.

The beauty of the product is that it is completely transparent and allows the natural skin tone to appear through. It can be used on its own making it suitable for both women and men.

Women – Use it on the shiny area of the face and apply foundation on top if required.
Men – Use it effectively to control shiny receding or balding hairlines.

What is the best way to cover up a blemish, powder foundation or concealer?

There is a trick to covering blemishes that makes them less obvious. If you just use concealer it is often of a different consistency to the foundation and does not blend easily leaving you with an obvious attempt at covering up. By using a little more of the same colour foundation and blending it off with a brush across the blemish you will get a better finish. Then use a very fine colour corrective powder in a yellow tone to set the foundation and to counteract any redness showing through.

How can I choose the color that suit my skin tone?

There are no hard and fast rules about this, because fashion often has a way of making us love colors and shapes that we would not have considered a few years back. Then when we do look back at old photos we wonder how we ever wore that shade or style of make-up! Make-up should make us feel good about the face we present to the world at the time and so you should not be afraid to experiment sometimes and try out different colors. Once you have selected a foundation shade as close to your skin as possible then the eye shadows and lip colors can be chosen either to enhance your natural coloring or to create a striking contrast. It is usually a good idea to use shade from the same family of colors.