Most of us wonder and sometimes even envy the people we see around that just seem to have gorgeous healthy looking hair. Well, the secret has always been maintaining a healthy lifestyle – it starts from you take care of your hair right down to the food you consume. While exercising and eating nutritiously is a great practice, avoiding smoking, polluted environment and stress is just as crucial.

Washing our hair

It’s always a good idea to comb our hair before washing as it helps untangles the hair. This leaves the hair to be easily washed as well as not allowing the tangles to worsen.  Washing with warm water is better used as compared to cold water as it opens the hair cuticles, thus making it easier to rid off oil and dirt. Rinsing with cold water after that helps closes the cuticles, while adding shine to the hair.

Always remember also to apply soft strokes (gentle massage) on the scalp while shampooing as the hair is very delicate. Be careful not to tangle up the hair at this time. Shampooing for the second time is a good idea as the first time only cleanses the oil and dirt off. Meanwhile, the second shampooing allows the shampoo to actually treat our hair. Once done, make sure hair is rinse thoroughly.

Too dry our hair, it’s best to use the dryer’s cool setting. If using the hot setting, do not point the dryer on the same spot for too long as heat may then damage the hair.

Nutrients required

Our hair needs protein for a healthy growth. Protein works as a building block giving our hair more strength.  We also need to take lots of fluids daily as it gives moisture for supple hair.

We are also required to take in minerals such as iron to help strengthens the hair roots and zinc that builds hair protein thus preventing hair loss. Following that, Vitamin A is also good for a healthier scalp, whereas Vitamin B and C are good for good circulation and hair growth.

And don’t forget – getting enough sleep is just as important!

Must avoids

Hairstyling products containing alcohol tends to dry out the hair, therefore should be avoided. These products should also not come in contact directly with our scalp.