Behind every female cat lover there is a beautiful woman, a "Purrfect Beauty" who desires to express the love and affection she feels for her precious fur baby with beautiful adornments kept close to her heart...

..It is with these adornments that she resolutely goes about her day completing her daily tasks. Her hands busy, her mind racing, selflessly she persists, until momentarily she is interrupted.. A quick glance down reveals a pair of "cat ears" protruding from her shiny new cat ring, it brings a glowing smile to her face. She's instantly taken back to a special memory of her cute fur-ball now curled up at home awaiting her arrival. It's those moments she cherishes, it's those moments that warm her.. It's those moments we here at Purrfect Beauty aspire to bring you.

Welcome to our store Purrfect Beauties!

From one passionate cat lover to another, we know the thrill and excitement that goes along with finding that special piece that reminds us of what we hold close to our hearts. We wear our treasures proud and never make excuses for the love we feel for our beloved fur-balls. It is with that love that I set forward to create a place where beautiful, trendy cat lovers could find the latest and greatest cat themed jewelry, apparel, and accessories that look amazing, and also proudly proclaim our Love Of Cats to all we meet.

The road to get here has been long but rewarding. ..As I sat hour after hour building this website, there sat my beloved "Blacks" (that cat that forever changed me in more ways than I have words). She was always there, ..she licked my tears many-a-night as I fought through the disappointments, pains, and self doubts that crept in from time to time.

I'm sad to say that along the journey to realize this website, I ended up loosing Blacks. She was my everything, my very first cat and she came attached with such special meaning. She was given to me by my now husband, and she will be forever sooooo dearly missed by both of us. I think about her every time I work on this website and such warm memories flood back to me. I dedicate this website to her.


This is certainly not about a sad story though, it is about remembering blessed moments in time that I will truely always cherish. RIP my beloved Blacks.

Life does move on, and even SURPRISES you in special ways. ..I'm happy to say that we now have three more Fur-Babies to love! They are each amazing in their own unique way. They are very different in personality, yet "cats they are" through and through. One is the "Clever Thinker" one is the "Lover Boy" and last but not least.. "The Princess."


Priscilla - The "Clever Thinker"


Bouncer - "The Lover Boy"

Tili - "The Princess"

The 3-Amigos never stop bringing us love and joy. I'm truly grateful that they've come into our lives, ...and blessed my clothes with so much fur! *L*

3 Amigos

Purrfect Beauty is about bringing other cat lovers like you exciting, high quality symbols of Love and Reminder (to keep your cat close to your heart). We sincerely thank you for visiting and hope you will always make Purrfect Beauty your new home for all things CAT related. May your new finds here make your heart purrr with delight!


Kat & The Purrfect Beauty Team

"Where Cat Lovers Accessorize!"

Kat & Priscilla Snap

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