The skin is the largest organ of the body. Our skin functions and serves amongst which as protection from injury and bacterial attack, for excretion of water (containing salt and chemicals) that is rid through perspiration and as absorption for substances like cream when it’s applied.

pH 5.5 skin

Skin types are divided into normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive and mature skin. While various skin types require different types of care, one should work towards achieving a pH 5.5 skin, also known as balanced or normal skin.

This skin type has fine and smooth texture and balanced moisture and oil secretion, thus the pores are also tight. Normal skin tends to be firm and has a certain glow to it.

The skin’s enemies

skin care
Portrait of a beauty model.

As we age, our skin tends to lose elasticity due to the biological changes that occurs within our system. This is when lines and wrinkles start to show. One should make an effort to start taking care of the skin at a younger age. If proper care is neglected and problem occurs, then it would be more difficult to rectify the damages. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

The chemical reaction in a polluted environment can be very damaging to our skin and therefore is said to be one of its worst enemies. Over-exposure to the sun which carries the UV ray and heat may lead to sunburn as well as creates structural damage that affects the skin’s elasticity.

On another note, heavy alcohol intake may result in dilating the blood vessels thus bursting the capillary walls. If happens, it would cause unsightly splotches in the white area of the eye or underneath the skin. Drugs and tobacco are also to be avoided as they tend to cause much damage internally as much as showing external effects on the skin such as premature aging, wrinkling and yellow skin cast. Furthermore, it leaves the skin dry and dehydrated.

We should also be aware that gaining too much of excess weight stretches the skin. Losing too much weight too fast on the other hand will result in skin wrinkling and sagging. Therefore, proper method needs to be taken when attempting on losing weight.

Skin Problems

There are many types of skin disorders that one could face. It is important to understand the nature of these disorders in order to find a cure or solution that works best to treat them. Listed below are some common problems many of us face:

Spots can be formed by many factors, most of us actually do have some odd spots visible and could often be quite annoying. However, never attempt to squeeze it, instead there are a number of spot creams available to try.

Acne is a condition where the skin’s surface may thickens, becomes bumpy and reddish with cysts forming, creating an uneven and greasy appearance. It is very vital not to squeeze it as the bacteria can spread and worsen. Depending on the level of severity, one may try available products or seek a doctors advice.

Blackheads are caused by blocked pores from skin’s sebum. It may be removed by massaging gently scrub products along the affected area. Applying mask on a weekly basis also tends to help.

Whiteheads are formed by sebum trapped underneath the skin and they remain white because the surface is not exposed to air.

Enlarged pores commonly occurs on greasy skin. Sometimes it is also known as ‘orange peel skin’ because it tends to look like the outer skin of an orange. Regular toning and applying face mask weekly normally helps to refine the pores.

Broken veins normally show on those with fair complexions of soft fine skin. They may occur due to various reasons such as too much sun exposure. It is pretty difficult to get rid off, therefore to avoid it from occurring, always keep the skin moisturized.

Wrinkles appears when the skin loses its natural elasticity. A good regime to follow to counter this problem is to keep our skin moisturized and avoid dryness, excessive sun and pulling the skin.

Superfluous hair; although we all mostly have hair covering our faces, they normally are not so obvious. For some, the hair appears to be more noticeable then others. A bleaching product or depilation may be used to solve this problem.