Introducing some of our more "fury" staff members..


Priscilla - The "Clever Thinker"


Bouncer - "The Lover Boy"

Tili - "The Princess"

Up first, we have Priscilla the "Clever Thinker." She's not the youngest, nor the oldest of the bunch, BUT she is BY FAR the most "clever" and "attentive." She LOVES to talk. She will carry on a back-and-forth conversation with you, though I'm not always sure of what she's saying. She doesn't always like wearing dresses, but she's a pretty good sport about it. Priscilla also takes it upon herself to be the "spokes cat" of the bunch. She overlooks nothing and when the food bowl is further down than an inch from the top, or the water bowl is nearing empty, SHE'S the one that will tell you about it.

Next is Bouncer "The Lover Boy." Well, he's the oldest, and by far the most sociable and loving cat of the bunch. We are fairly certain his primary goal in life is to set the World's record for "the most love given & received." His mornings start off  with a "meow, Meow, MEOW" and then quickly he moves to rubbing up and down your leg in an attempt to procure as many pats and rubs as he can. Once you've stroked him until he's satisfied he'll take a short break, loop around, and then jump right back on your lap for more.

Last, not least, we have Tili "The Princess." She's the baby of the group, and well, she's a Princess. She makes all the rules. If you pick her up without her consent, or do something she hasn't authorized, she'll let you know by letting out soft little "meows." She's also above trying any sort of human food (or even moist cat food for that matter). She enjoys hard cat food, nothing else. She won't try or eat ANYTHING else unless it is yogurt. She LOVES yogurt! That's it. Yogurt. Often we call her the "Yogurt Yetti" because of her love of yogurt. *lol* Another one of Tili's traits is that she displays no fear of heights. She'll climb up to whatever height she can reach and love it. Our fur-babies stay indoors (so I can sleep nights), but if ever our cats were to get outside, Tili would be the one I'd have to call the Fire Department to rescue from a tree!

Each cat is vastly different in personality, yet "cats they are" through and through. Their primary roles here at Purrfect Beauty are to help test out cat products for all of the other kitties out there. Additionally, every so often they like making the occasional (unsolicited) cameo video appearance.

3 Amigos

The 3-Amigos never stop bringing us love and joy. We're truly grateful they've come into our lives and have showered our clothes with sooo much cat glitter! *LOL*